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Fifth Grade Program


Raquel Alicea - B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and English Literature


By Fifth grade, students have mastered navigating the routines and expectations of school. They are handling increasingly challenging work as they tackle more difficult academic requirements in the classroom. 

In Language Arts, students will be challenged to read many different genres with an interpretive eye and will be doing more independent reading, and writing book reports that analyze characters and plot. Emphasis is given to the writing process as students master editing for punctuation, flow and clarity of thought.   

In Math, Fifth graders will be solving more complicated problems using multiplication, division, subtraction and addition within the same problem utilizing "order of operations". Conversion of fractions, number plotting and data sets will be introduced. 

In Science, students will study the Solar system, photo synthesiss, the digestive system and the chemical properties of elements which will involve the scientific method.

In History and Social Studies, Fifth graders will focus on citizenship as they are challenged to analyze what they learned about our nations history.  They will learn about the development of our government and its branches.


  • Develop creative writing & book reports
  • Identify article groups, pronouns, noun's, verbs and adverbs
  • Use contractions, apostrophes, comma's and possessives
  • Read text quickly and expressively
  • Retell and sequence events of text
  • Improve penmanship
  • Recite and memorize poetry
  • Recognize and write good sentences
  • Know standards & metric measurements 
  • Convert measurements
  • Understand place values
  • Find factors & multiples of large numbers
  • Divide whole numbers
  • Find area and perimeter of shapes
  • Understand earth systems and changes
  • Understand matter and its different states
  • Know history of home state and population changes 
  • Know major events in state's history 
  • Know major events in our nation's history 
  • Memorize important historical documents


Our Bible curriculum focuses on helping students understand that God is their creator, who loves and cares deeply for them. The students continue to develop and deepen their relationship with God as they listen to Bible lessons, memorize scripture, sing praise songs and pray together during a morning devotion and Bible class. Scripture memorization is utilized and Bible characters are studied so students will learn to trust God's promises and apply Godly virtues to their lives.